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Once again the internationally famous Rally Dakar takes place between Argentina and Chile: during 17 days, Starting on January 1, 2010, the teams, either cars, trucks, bikes or quads will face endeavouring tracks which will prove the resistance Of both pilots and vehicles. Some of the tracks will cross dramatic places such as the Atacama desert (the driest in the world) or crossing the Andes mountain just by the Mount Aconcagua at some 4,000 meters above the sea level (that is some 12,000 feet). And under this endeavouring conditions, the Gasco/Gazel team, will put under hard test their three Toyota FJ Cruiser vehicles , all of them with a V6 engine 4,000cc and 236HP, will run on CNG, equipped with a CNG system of 5th generation, model Smart by PELMAG, And electronics by AEB, installed and tested by Pelmag technicians according the existing laws on CNG Both in Chile and Argentina. We would like to point out the professional experience both in technical and sport sectors of the Gasco/Gazel team, Which is headed by Mr José Miguel Melo as Dakar Project Manager, and by Mr Felipe Ledermann, as the Team Manager, who are charged to show the world that also in a sport competition with CNG? yes, we can!